Each of the link boxes below will take you to photo galleries taken with an assortment of digital cameras taken over a number of years. I make no claim to being a “photographer” any more than i am a “sculptor” or any other particular definition but i do seem to be somewhat visually orientated and lot’s of things catch my eye, sometimes i have a camera on hand, sometimes i have to run for a camera, and mostly i don’t have one available at all. But when i do........ Combined with the above i like “adjusting” things and adjusting images works for me, so some images get adjusted and some of the results are what is being presented here on these pages. I run a Linux based system, PCLinuxOS to be precise, so i am not a Photoshop user so am way richer as a result particularly as there are so many good open source graphics programs available. My usual technique is to press the start button and then see what happens after that...... For my photo management I use Digikam it has sooooo many options for tailoring work flow however i do not use it for tweaking my images. For many years that job went to Lightzone, a program i highly recommend especially if you want a powerful but free program that is easy to use. These days i use Darktable, quirky interface that took a little getting used to but i find it so good i am reprocessing most of my images with it. So on these pages you will find a multitude of diverse images i have taken with assorted digital cameras. They tend to reflect the way I see the universe and i invite you to explore through my eyes. With the proliferation of affordable digital cameras and the ease of publishing it means the likes of you and i can share aspects of self which is great, "A picture is worth a thousands words" etc etc and so forth, (not that I am necessarily short of words either) So click on the boxes and have an explore.
The Casio Files  -  2003 - 2005 Camera: Casio QV-R40  A 4 megapixel pocket sized camera of modest specs and my first digital camera worthy of the name. It had been 30 something years since i had played with cameras so i was very pleased with the results from this wee gem and it took respectable closeup pics with assorted old lenses from binoculars and the like........... 
The Panasonic Files  -  2005 - 2008    2008 - 2011 Camera: Panasonic FZ50 A 10 megapixel 12x zoom camera. It took very credible photos for a camera of it’s age. I had it for many years taking many tens of thousands of photos, it is still going to this day. What I appreciated about this machine was having an “all in one” unit that simply invited me to really get into photography........ well sort of, i am still just a happy snapper.
The Nikon D5100 Files  -  2011 - 2015 Camera: Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens So here we have it a move to a DX format camera along with a Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens. Better image quality, same eyeball looking through the viewfinder.............. lot’s of extra pixels if an image needs the chop. Enjoy.
The Panasonic Files  -  2005 - 2008.     A Labyrinth Rocks Special In memory of Dave Whittaker This is a small collection of photos taken Labyrinth Rocks a special place brought to the attention of the public by Dave’s tireless work and foresight as to the potential of the place. These are images from the time not all that long before his passing.
The Nikon D7200 Files  -  2015 - 2016   2017 Camera: Nikon D7200 with 35mm 1.8 Nikkor, 70-300mm Nikor, Nikkor AS-P 18-55mm, AS-P 70- 300mm, and Tokina 11-20mm 2.8 lenses This camera has what I find most useful while covering most bases. It should be around for quite a while.