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A prime motivating factor in displaying these works is due to a recognition of creative works being about the relationship between the work itself and it's perceiver, that is YOU, any message is your message. That has in effect, nothing to do with the hand of it's creator........ on this physical level, and who that may be is always debatable.  It is my supposition that the creator gets his jollies in the creative process itself and now it's your turn if you so choose, to give some “body and substance” via your perceptions, within your universe, where else is there? So this website is an evolving(?) compendium of works, and of course we all know evolution is a slow progression.......  With denial of being an artist of any sort the claim here is of just someone that can't leave well enough alone. Some may wonder at the name “Treedragon” however it is just a reference and in itself is of no importance even with a little history to it, but in the main there is only one consideration. This ‘being’ is not into the promotion of personality. Personality can be seen as divisive and limiting in the sense that consciousness is a process of growth, ever expansion, and partaking of a cipher such as Treedragon tends to short circuit the cult of personality. This Treedragon, or whoever, has enough hints of self to not need defining, you can do that if you wish, it is your universe.
Treedragon's latest work can now be viewed in person at the Mahara Sculpture Park & Pottery on the Coromandel Peninsular, New Zealand. If you want to check the website go to:  www.maharasculpturepark.kiwi The Sculpture section is/was the most active section (in theory at least). and there you will find some Moments of Movement captured in stone, expressions of growth and possibilities resonating within. For the most part you will will see aspects of this land, Aotearoa, expressed through hammer and chisel, bringing stone to life through the eyes of you, the viewer, along with an assortment of photos of the world as treedragon sees it. On the other hand it is easyish to flourish a digital camera so you may well see more action in that department. The Images section is a sampling of the the way the world is as seen by treedragon. These are the moments that decorate my universe, the oft missed smaller things that catch my eye and enhance the day, if I am looking, expanding outward into the landscapes of expression that typify New Zealand, or at least some small corner of it........
 Latest news October 2017: -   - Working on the new series of Dragon sculptures displayed at Mahara Sculpture Park and Pottery   It can be found in the  Mahara Sculpture section   - The latest dragon sculpture is of Fingael a Three Tailed Finger Dragon. - Some new photos added to the 2017 section  with a stack more lined up when i have tamed the new computer setup. November 2017: - - New sculpture added to the “Fragments in Time” series and it’s rather nice i feel. January 2018 : - - A new Dragon has appeared in the Mahara Dragon Gallery  here
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