AN  OVERVIEW                                                                                  It has became increasingly obvious that the Labyrinth was vastly more than just a path in a field.  As well as being a tool for meditation, or similar, it is strongly functioning as part of the planets/local energy grid, so on this page I will share some of what we found and or surmised. Even thought the Labyrinth no longer exists as something walkable it has a tangible imprint in the area. The whole property could rightly be called an "Energy Centre" in that it is a collection of energy points,  gateways and "energy spirals", associated with several Ley Lines (major and minor energy lines),  and water lines,  (the spring part and more).   On top of that, for those that see, there are a multitude of beings trucking around the place, existing in non-physical, non- visible realms and you most definitely feel them at times, the "Treedragon" being particularly nice and with whom I am acquainted.  Time can get seriously warped here both subjectively and objectively,  for example: Like one of the times when all the clocks lost 10 minutes irrespective of their motive power. The times when you can feel Waves of LOVE surging up out of the ground. There is talk of other dimensions opening into the world (or at least becoming more apparent) as consciousness expands, at Labyrinth Springs this becomes very familiar. The Labyrinth is an ARCHETYPE for an aspect of creation itself;  implicit in it's design,  and the way it works.   Some key features are:     The Spiral,  (infinite movement,  infinite information).     The overall design,  intrinsically feminine in nature,  (expressions of re-creation and growth).     A balanced design, yet sufficiently asymetrical to insure movement/growth.     Various mathematical relationships, (input welcome here).     The Genesa Crystal Energy and what it does.     The path being a flow,  always a choice on exit, to continue with a creation cycle or to move on.     Something less tangible (except to myself maybe), the drive inherent in it's creation, curious at the very least when you look at my nature and at that point, the depth of correctness I felt in it's creation. Although it is my physical creation in that I designed and formed the paths,  it is part of all of us, and everyone could find connections with it.  It was curiously easy to build,  felt like it was always there, so let us explore a little. The following information has been collected from dowsing,  direct experience,  or "passed down". It no doubt will be accepted with varying degrees of belief,  but regardless of your chosen stance, remember that the overall purpose is to benefit and expand us all as well as the planet. There is a viewpoint that says the planet really needs our help,  yet the planet is just a reflection of each of us,  collectively and individually.  The Labyrinth is one of the ways I chose to help from within my reality. Any endeavour created with intent will achieve this, from a simple prayer to the most magnificent construct..........  Intent is the Key.   THE LABYRINTH CHAKRAS   There is a Chakra System similar to ours, that is associated with the Labyrinth, below is a graphical representation and approximate positions of the main aspects that Marie found and subsequently enhanced with assorted gemstones and minerals. The Labyrinth itself is not on a specific Energy point as such, (other than the Ley Line down it's axis and another at right angles under the Genesa Crystal),  but is within an "Energy Area". This status does change over time. The inclusion of the Chakra Stones to amplify the energy have in turn helped strengthen the overall "field".  Most people comment on the "feel" of the whole property with increasing numbers of comments about the energy from the Labyrinth itself. The stones were dowsed and buried 9 inches below the ground surface at their respective points.   You will note that the series continues beyond the head of the Labyrinth and along the main Ley Line. The Genesa Crystal,  without being a Chakra point itself,  (although placed over the junction of two Ley Lines), none the less, has a major influence over the rest of them.  It appears to operating on a much broader spectrum, multi-dimensional by the feel of it and when dowsed,  was found to be a quite distinct system working synergistically with the, more earth based,  Labyrinth. You could even consider it a gateway of potential. Much of the information you read about Labyrinths in general tends to focus on the relationship with the walkers, and as important as this may be,  the emphasis here was/is towards the earth itself.
*                                Planetary Chakra          Black Tourmaline         *                               Global Chakra               Rhodonite           *                               Crown Chakra               Crystal          *                                Brow Chakra                 Amethyst           *                                Throat Chakra               Lapiz Lazuli                                       *                                 Heart Chakra                Rose Quartz *                    *                      Breast Chakras              Haematite            *                                  Solar Chakra                 Golden Calcite                            *                                 Sacral Chakra               Jasper            *                                 Jade Chakra                 Ponamu           *                                 Root Chakra                Carnelian
THE  LEY  LINES Initially we just checked for major Lines in and around the Labyrinth and found them to be as depicted in the first diagram below. There is also a major stream of "original water" about 450' underneath. At this time the rest of the property is largely undowsed although the huge "energy spirals" were rather evident, particularly when they are strong enough to break dowsing sticks,  (twice).  The dowser found a number of "gateways(?)", and "Mother Earth" has a special spot within the Labyrinth formation. Further information on Ley Lines, Dowsing, and Power points can be found in many places on the net. The diagrams below are an impression of the changes as dowsed
THEY STARTED LIKE THIS The Ley Lines prior to the creation of the Labyrinth. The colours used are a rough translation of the frequency. The cerise line is the primary one and runs from the NW (300 degrees magnetic).  It is part of an earth circling grid. The other line (orange),  runs at right angles and is part of a more localized grid structure operating at a different "level". Interestingly I had been juggling the Labyrinth to fit the available space,  when Marie pointed out that a shift of a few degrees would align it on the Ley Line. Her early involvement despite "wondering what I was going to do with it", was most essential. She subsequently fine- tuned things for me. One has to wonder at the "coincidence " of the overall fit.
ABOUT A YEAR LATER As you can see the main line has changed somewhat,it's many times thicker and stronger and has echo's running parallel to it. This is only a preliminary plan as it was made before the Chakra Stones were put in place and activated by Marie.
GATEWAYS and PORTALS, at Labyrinth Springs, - A preliminary view.   Personally I find this aspect unexpected and surprising considering the apparent special nature of "Gateways" and "Portals to other realms," (I shouldn't be I suppose), particularly the association with those directly involved and subsequent unsolicited acknowledgement.  We found a number of them,  I have no idea if this is usual.....   When we first arrived we knew of one, not far from the house.  Those with "sight" described a temple form, it was a place where even I could experience the palpable presence of non-physical beings,  even had my back put in by someone....... Hmmmmmm, you might well think,  but one sort of has to believe when unseen hands guide,  twist,  and manipulate you, and to this day I still cannot bend to the degree I was contorted that night,  anyway.......   As we are bringing, allowing, helping, being guided, to bring the place alive it is hard to keep up with developments discoveries, and changes that are manifesting,  particularly gateways and portals.  For me in particular..... The existence of them is often being brought to our attention by visitors, information from non-physical realms, dowsing or simply walking into them and wondering what on earth just happened....... It's early days yet as work is slowly getting under way.  I can only give you a preview at present.     AN EXAMPLE Not long after we arrived here there was an Avatar Course running here, and during the intro stage I noted one of the students was a bit troubled about something and not really happy to talk about it when approached, she did not want to be thought nuts, particularly as it did not quite fit into the usual world view. She subsequently admitted being able to "see" energies and beings without physical bodies, (her father had taught her from an early age).  She wanted to know  what was going on around the place, "It's like Grand Central Station here, with 'things' running around all over the place."  She was the first to "see" the Treedragon although Marie had previously picked up on it's distress,  (but that's another story). Lots of little critters racing around, and she was the first to see the woman in Blue with the Bear, who identified herself as Mother Earth. Well as it turns out, we found reference to Mother Earth, with a bear, in various books on mythology. We have since discovered a portal here she uses.  Marie has been asked to, and has subsequently moved it into the Labyrinth area as part of the work she is being asked to do.   There are also various portals to historical periods,  although someone needs to check these out as it is not my realm at all.  I am told there are two interesting spots that relate to the equivalent of Avalon (feminine only),  and the Knights of the Round Table, (or equivalent male only).   An inter-dimensional doorway, and a curious spot where to my perceptions time seems to compress  that can be likened to stepping into a pool of water about breast deep.   January 20,   Either I have been walking my own Labyrinth too much or it has kicked into another gear sometime recently. It appears as if the thing is gently undulating.  Of course it could be an optical illusion from mowing too much grass..............   Another curious phenomena that can be experienced while walking relates to ones sense of level,  or accustomed association between your feet and the earth.  The Labyrinth is not exactly flat,  however the perceived sense of the path is often not quite the same as what you can see you are walking.  It can lead to the uncanny sensation of walking through the ground, I take from this that the Labyrinth has an experiencial existence other than the visual.