The Genesa Crystal This is the Genesa Crystal at the focus of the Labyrinth.  In many respects this could be considered the heart of the whole creation,  it is the reason the Labyrinth was built in the first place, and is rather more than just a simple geometric form present in the physical. As much as anything, it enhances that which was already present energetically in the Labyrinth, and on the Labyrinth Springs property. Further down the page I have included an article by Davin Dobson, you will find more in depth information there. I recommend further research or the building of the said device for yourself.   To the eye this is just an arrangement of four circles made of flat steel bar (in this case), a curiosity that sometimes seems to move with a life of it's own.  Yet within this we have a structural representation at the heart of all living things. I will leave it to others to explain more fully,  (see Davids article).  For now I will confine my comments to what we have actually experienced with it, and how it was set up.   Most often these are made small, a bit larger than a basketball,  and are often used as "energy air conditioners". I had to have a bigger one, (or did I need to build a bigger one?), the idea being you could hop inside and "feel it”. So I built it, hopped in, and FELT it. The first most notable result was a feeling akin to being deep underwater,  (as in all over pressure), with a movement(?) ever inwards.  At a different alignment of the crystal the movement was outwards and lighter (for me anyway). The whole range apparently seems much more pronounced to those more sensitive than I.   Meanwhile we had been experimenting with a small version in which, at Marie’s request, I had placed a physical model of the solar system and you sat under it to meditate, interesting experience, so in light of those experiences I had an Energy Worker friend place a representation of the Solar System in the big crystal, on an ENERGETIC level.   When divining the energy boundaries after this we could no longer find any outer limits. To start with the boundaries were several thousand kilometers away.  After being in for a year or so one noticeable effect was the increased magnitude of the major Ley Line the Labyrinth is sitting on.
A representation of how the energy can "look" so speak. It suffuses the area in and around the whole Genesa Crystal. Someone who can "see" energy asked me how I managed to photograph it as this is how it looked to them. Many people can actually feel a temperature difference between inside and outside,  or at least a layer of change approximating where the skin of it would be. These are sensory, or interpreted sensory impressions, and often different for individual members of the same group.  Of greater significance is the inter-action with mind,  and in this you will find the true worth of a Genesa Crystal.
Some Effects we Noticed - As previously mentioned, on the first day of the public ceremony the group did some chanting, normally when you stop chanting you generally expect the sound to stop, it didn't. Twice the same thing happened and the sound was coming from above us.   - At times you could swear the whole thing was twisting and turning on it's base, even to the point I thought it was going to fall on me one night. I fell instead while trying to get out of it's way, needless to say it didn't fall........ Instinct says it could be some sort of  inter-dimensional phenomena, or maybe we need glasses.....   - And the occasional blobs of light and electric sizzling sounds.....   - One of the known features of Genesa Crystals is how they encourage plant growth, ask me about it sometime I was the one that had to mow all around it sometimes up to 3 times a week....... sigh   - Also reported mainly by meditating walkers are a range of sights/visions above and around the Genesa Crystal. Apparently for those blessed with this sort of sight the whole place can be an astounding experience.........   - Maybe nothing, but of all the birds I have seen on and around the crystal I have yet to see any fly through it.
This we noticed!!! Autumn 2000,  the very first light to non-existant frost (we think). In the morning we came out to this, 4 trees frost(?) burnt only on the sides facing the Labyrinth Genesa Crystal, (two are pictured in the composite image). All in different spots around the main body of the Labyrinth. It appears that anything frost tender and in line of sight was effected. The other sides of the trees happily put up with the next few frosts to eventually lose their leaves in the normal way.   It was not uncommon to find the labyrinth cloaked in a shimmery crystal skin while the rest of the property was frost free, even the normally colder spots elsewhere didn't keep the frosts as long as in the Labyrinth, they just persisted long into the sunlight.
Any material will do, if it is thick then it will need to be notched at the joins, flat materials are best woven together. The following is a simple diagram of the assembly points with each line representing one full circle. Each of the 4 circles is divided into 6 equal parts the letters represent the cross over points, Each end is joined together to complete the circle. Match the same letter on different circles "A" to "A", "B' to "B" and so on. Maybe try with paper first but it's not as difficult as it might seem.   A__________ I __________F__________B__________L__________E__________   D__________B__________G__________C__________A__________J__________    H__________C__________E__________K__________D__________F__________   H__________ I __________J__________K__________L__________G__________   SOME OTHER GENESA CRYSTALS These four below were made by my good friend Neil Campbell, he also works in stone and makes a range of very nicely made geometric forms as you will see, also makes incense burners and the like.  Now he has experimented a lot with Genesa Crystals and would no doubt make one to order for you if you asked him nicely and crossed his palm with silver. The pics below are his creations and will serve to show the different orientations of the Genesa Crystal.   They can be made out of anything,  it is the form not the substance that is the key. Although no doubt different materials will yield variable results,  experiment a little,  they are just four circles divided and joined at six equal points.
A small Genesa Crystal made of copper strips.  This one is placed with a triangle opening down, which is generally considered best for outward orientated work.  Or from another viewpoint,  masculine and energetic.      A very interesting piece.  The basic crystal with a matching solid at it's centre. A dymaxiom or cubeoctahedron I'm told.  It is one POWERFULL piece of hardware and can be "felt" by most.  For many it is too strong and can start the odd headache or two. I think it's rather lovely really, it has a laser like quality about it. Doesn't give me headaches either :-)  You will notice the crystal itself is "square side down",  generally considered best for inward work. Feminine, gentle, healing.  This was the orientation that felt so strong for me when  I got in the big one.      A sample of Neil's precision stonework.  This beauty is a solid representation of a Genesa Crystal,  or at least one aspect of it.  It shows to advantage the combination of squares and triangles formed by the perimeter circles.          Another view.
Genesa Crystals The Experience of Unlimitednes        Part 1 By David A. Dobson  website here   I encountered my first Genesa Crystal at the home of a friend who used it to enhance the energy of flower essences she had made. It was constructed of clear plastic tubing and sat unsteadily on the floor in front of a window. I was familiar with the idea that  geometric shapes, such as a pyramid, could hold or influence energy, but I was never interested in exploring further. This time was different! The shape seemed somehow magical and sparked in me a desire to learn more. Thus began my relationship with Genesa  Crystals and a process of discovery, not only of sacred geometry but also of myself.   I found that the Genesa Concept and Crystal were developed in the 1950s by Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist. He designed the Crystal to mirror the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism after the third cell division. At this eight-cell stage the cellular structure of all life forms is identical. From this point, life can expand in any direction. Dr Langham saw this eight-cell cluster as a point of full, infinite potential. He felt that it held "the full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all your goals, your desires, your motivations; even life itself."  He said that  "Genesa is the coded matrix of your own life force and is directly related to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development and change."   Through Vywamus, a master teacher on the spiritual plane, comes the information that the Genesa Crystal is an "archetypal structure of light, of consciousness, that expresses an ongoing expansion or flow of life without a point of separation, creating the experience of unlimitedness". So this shape embodies a point of unlimited consciousness and is alive!   Dr. Langham saw the Genesa Concept (and Crystal) as "a model that can carry us from one learning experience to another, integrate the known and probe into the unknown".   Through Vywamus I have learned that you can program the Crystal to vibrate a chosen intention within the "experience of unlimitedness". That is to say that a programmed Crystal will magnify your conscious as well as unconscious intention, allowing you to more clearly experience it's known and unknown (denied) aspects through the reflective process.   Dr. Langham used Genesa principles in the creation of new genetic strains of crops that fed Venezuela during WW2. His book "Circle Gardening" discusses his use of Genesa principles in shaping and contouring the garden beds to enhance plant growth. He kept a large "Rainbow" Crystal in his circular vegetable gardens, believing that the Crystal accumulates swirling energy from the earth and atmosphere creating a unified field of energy that bathes the growing plants in an environment of enhanced life force.   A Genesa Crystal has been used for years in the Perelandra gardens, made famous by Michele Small Wright and her work with the Devic Kingdom. She believes that it draws in life force energy from the surrounding area, cleanses and balances it, and then sends it back out, influencing a large area. She has used a Crystal in her home "with a similar energy cleansing and balancing effect".   In my experience, a Genesa Crystal's presence in a flower garden is nothing less than magical. The flowers are vibrant and prolific. The very atmosphere feels different, as if it's vibrating a deep, primal "Yes". I always feel joyful and energized, and yet very much at peace whenever I work or play there.   I invite you to explore the Genesa Crystal experience. David is a member of the Mastership Program with Vywamus and creates Genesa Crystals at his home in Cumberland, Maine. He is a founding partner of Metamorphysis, creators of a line of transformational meditation masks and other unique and custom metaphysical powertools. ______________________________     A FINAL NOTE    When you get inside one,  connect, and extend out,  you just know there is something in all that has been said.  But as always, the key is how YOU experience it, and you are in charge of that.  Many is the time I have stood in ours and  thought "What am I doing here?", but then other times, the links to everyday reality just dissolve, a "multi-dimensional reality" becomes apparent, and I grow a bit more.  It's a tool, something you do a job with, you also get to create the Instruction Manual. Just like life really :-)